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CountryDestinationShipping Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)MatadiUnion Africa Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)MatadiNile Dutch
Congo (Republic of the Congo)Pointe NoireUnion Africa Line
Congo (Republic of the Congo)Pointe NoireNile Dutch
Costa RicaPuerto LimonCaribbean Express Line
Costa RicaSan JoseCaribbean Express Line
CuracaoWillemstadCaribbean Express Line
CyprusLimassolLevant Express Line
DjiboutiDjiboutiUnion Africa Line
DominicaRoseauCaribbean Express Line
DominicaRoseauBernuth Lines
Dominican RepublicBoca ChicaCaribbean Express Line
Dominican RepublicCaucedoCaribbean Express Line
Dominican RepublicPuerto PlataCaribbean Express Line
Dominican RepublicRio HainaCaribbean Express Line
Dominican RepublicRio HainaBernuth Lines
Dominician RepublicLa RomanaAntillean Marine Shipping Corp.
Dominician RepublicPuerto PlataAntillean Marine Shipping Corp.
EcuadorGuayaquilCaribbean Express Line
EgyptAlexandriaLevant Express Line
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