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CountryDestinationShipping Line
LibyaMisurataLevant Express Line
LibyaMisurataSloman Neptun Shipping & Transport
LibyaRas LanufLevant Express Line
LibyaRas LanufSloman Neptun Shipping & Transport
LibyaTripoli (Al Khoms)Levant Express Line
LibyaTripoli (Al Khoms)Sloman Neptun Shipping & Transport
MadagascarTamatavePacific Lloyd Line
MadagascarToamasinaPacific Lloyd Line
MalawiBlantyreUnion Africa Line
MalawiLilongweUnion Africa Line
MalaysiaKuala LumpurPacific Lloyd Line
MaldivesMalePacific Lloyd Line
MaliBamakoUnion Africa Line
MaltaMaltaLevant Express Line
MaltaMaltaSloman Neptun Shipping & Transport
Mariana IslandsSaipanPacific Lloyd Line
MartiniqueFort de FranceCaribbean Express Line
MauritaniaNouadhibouUnion Africa Line
MauritaniaNouakchottUnion Africa Line
MauritiusPort LouisPacific Lloyd Line
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