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CountryDestinationShipping Line
Cape VerdePraiaUnion Africa Line
Cape VerdePraiaPortline
Cayman IslandsGeorge TownCaribbean Express Line
Central African RepublicBanguiUnion Africa Line
ChadNdjamenaUnion Africa Line
ChileAntofagastaCaribbean Express Line
ChileAricaCaribbean Express Line
ChileIquiqueCaribbean Express Line
ChileSan AntonioCaribbean Express Line
ChileValparaisoCaribbean Express Line
ColombiaBarranquillaCaribbean Express Line
ColombiaBuenaventuraCaribbean Express Line
ColombiaCartagenaCaribbean Express Line
ColombiaSanta MartaCaribbean Express Line
ComorosMoroniPacific Lloyd Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)BomaUnion Africa Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)BomaNile Dutch
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)BukavuUnion Africa Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)GomaUnion Africa Line
Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)LubumbashiUnion Africa Line
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